05/02/2012 | Fashion Steele NYC

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Présentation de Monroe Steele, une new-yorkaise qui a un blog mode.

J’ai découvert son blog depuis un moment car pour avoir des idées de shopping je surfe sur des blogs new-yorkais,  j’adore leur style.

– Can you describe us your daily life in New York in general ? My daily life is actually a double life. A lof of New Yorkers tend to have multiple jobs. During the day or 40 hours a week I am a physical therapist. I work in a private practice and treat many different patients. I got my graduate degree from New York University. Anytime I’m not at work I am blogging as well as organizing and running the NYC Fashion Bloggers Meetup Group that I founded in February of 2011.
– What is your favorite store and why ? I have many favorite stores. Its so hard to list just one. I am a major thrift and vintage shopper and love visiting flea markets such as The Brooklyn Flea Market. I also love Housing Works Thrift Store and Vintage Thrift which are all located in NYC. I also frequent Mango and TopShop often as well.
– What is the unusual place that you advice us to visit or where we can come to relax or have a drink? I actually really love just sitting in Madison Square Park. It makes for great people watching.

 – Your favorite restaurant ? I have 2 secret indulgences Thai Iced tea from Cafetasia and Mac-n-Cheese Spring Rolls form Cafeteria. These are my 2 favorite restuarants and its funny because the names of them sound almost exactly the same.

– The negatives of life in New York ? The rents are very high. Most apt buildings don’t have central air because they aren’t newly built. Other than that New York is an awesome place to live. I love living here.

Passionnée par New York, Viviane a fondé le blog voyage & lifestyle We Love New York en Mars 2009 afin d’y partager non seulement ses bons plans et coups de coeur à New York mais aussi ses carnets de voyage vers d’autres destinations. Dans sa rubrique Lifestyle, elle aborde des sujets davantage liés au quotidien : cuisine, motivationnel, adresses à Paris, … Welcome !

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  • Myriam dit :

    J’aime beaucoup tes interviews qui nous plongent dans la vie des new-yorkaises (celle de The New Yorker Style aussi) ! On découvre la ville de l’intérieur et pleins de bonnes adresses qui vont direct dans mes favoris 😉

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