09/10/2011 | Interview de la blogueuse new yorkaise fashionsteelenyc

mode new yorkaise

J’ai décidé de commencer la rubrique Paroles de new-yorkais avec Monroe Steele, qui se présente ci-dessous. J’ai contacté Monroe Steele à partir de son blog très axé sur la mode, c’est une blogueuse de mode new yorkaise. J’ai découvert son blog depuis un moment, car j’adore le sens de la mode des new-yorkais.

Avant l’interview, ci-dessous, voici quelques photos de Monroe Steele du blog www.fashionsteelenyc.com Je m’excuse par avance pour faire encore plus de fautes dans mes phrases anglaises ! Donc pas de moquerie ! :-p

mode-new-yorkaise1 Interview de la blogueuse new yorkaise fashionsteelenyc


♥ Can you describe us your daily life in New York in general ? 

My daily life is actually a double life. A lof of New Yorkers tend to have multiple jobs. During the day or 40 hours a week I am a physical therapist. I work in a private practice and treat many different patients. I got my graduate degree from New York University. Anytime I’m not at work I am blogging as well as organizing and running the NYC Fashion Bloggers Meetup Group that I founded in February of 2011.

♥ What is your favorite store and why ?

I have many favorite stores. Its so hard to list just one. I am a major thrift and vintage shopper and love visiting flea markets such as The Brooklyn Flea Market. I also love Housing Works Thrift Store and Vintage Thrift which are all located in NYC. I also frequent Mango and TopShop often as well.

♥ What is the unusual place that you advice us to visit or where we can come to relax or have a drink? 

I actually really love just sitting in Madison Square Park. It makes for great people watching.

♥ Your favorite restaurant ? I have 2 secret indulgences Thai Iced tea from Cafetasia and Mac-n-Cheese Spring Rolls form Cafeteria. These are my 2 favorite restuarants and its funny because the names of them sound almost exactly the same.


mode-new-yorkaise3 Interview de la blogueuse new yorkaise fashionsteelenyc

♥ The negatives of life in New York ? 

The rents are very high. Most apt buildings don’t have central air because they aren’t newly built. Other than that New York is an awesome place to live. I love living here.

Passionnée par New York, Viviane a fondé le blog voyage & lifestyle We Love New York en Mars 2009 afin d’y partager non seulement ses bons plans et coups de coeur à New York mais aussi ses carnets de voyage vers d’autres destinations. Dans sa rubrique Lifestyle, elle aborde des sujets davantage liés au quotidien : cuisine, motivationnel, adresses à Paris, … Welcome !

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