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Les photos de New York de Thomas et son poème

Découvrez les photos de New York de Thomas.
Les photos de New York de Thomas

Les photos de New York de Thomas

Poème de Thomas composé lors de son voyage à New York

When I up to the plane to the JFK

With my dreams and my cardigan
I know that my life never be the same again.

Marching on the fifth Avenue,
Sweet and cruel , infinite and short ,lightening of miles fires.

Fancy cars and limousines, fire truck, and yellow taxis like an old sixteen’s movies . Well if you are lucky, maybe you will see Lisa Minnelli.

Oh , I can hear a piano’s music, from  the old Broadway theatre.

When loneliness feelings encroach to you, don’t forget that we can meet a good friend to the center city, where the town become a giant garden. To this place we can to paint the sunrise, hear a musician , read the New York Time, sense the breath of the wind. Sounds of birds and trees’s branches that quiver. Watch savages dancers, and the bird’s princess.

But be sure that all the roads lead to this place. Welcome to Central Park .

Taking now the Brooklyn bridge, and visit the brooklyn quarter , manhattan , the big empire state building , Time Square,Wall street and all business men with their Starbucks ‘s coffee on hand, race against time, and the Staten Island.

But time missing. Now I had to go back home. Take the subway direction the Airport.

During lift off , I welcome the grand iron Lady, who’s the liberty’s symbol for honorable nation.

I never forget you , New York the big Apple.
New York, the city that never sleeps.
I mean a New York state of mind .

By Thomas Hadfield

In memory of my first travel to New York

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