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Mini-interview de la blogueuse « The New Yorker Style », une new-yorkaise qui aime la mode.
– Can you describe us your daily life in New York in general ?
My daily life consists of waking up, going to Starbucks for coffee, working on social media from work and vintage shopping at times.
– What is your favorite store and why ?
My favorite store is a small thrift shop in the Bronx because they sell a bunch of designer clothing for a really good price.
– What is the unusual place that you advice us to visit or where we can come to relax or have a drink ?
You should definitely try saint marks.
– Your favorite restaurant ? 

 Eat at Zen sushi it is my favorite local spot in the city. It is located in st mark.

– The negatives of life in New York ?

The negative is sometimes not having a car can be a nightmare because the trains sometimes are not working. But at the same time having a car in the city can also be a nightmare because of the high prices in parking.



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